How to source electronic components at the best price 10x faster?

Source electronic components at the best price 10x faster using SnapChip

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What to expect from an ideal product

  1. Finds component data instantly, saving you precious time.
  2. Quickly identifies the best prices from various suppliers.
  3. Suggests alternate components effortlessly when your first choice is unavailable.
  4. Uses advanced AI for smarter, more efficient sourcing decisions.
  5. Integrates data from OctoPart and Silicon Expert for comprehensive sourcing.

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Copilot for electronic component sourcing

SnapChip is a Copilot for electronic component sourcing. Think ChatGPT for electronic components. SnapChip is powered by OctoPart, Silicon Expert, and OpenAI and has been designed as a useful tool for component sourcing (buyers and purchasing agents). Versus traditional methods, it is 50x faster at finding component data, 10x faster at finding best prices, and 100x faster at finding alternate components.

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