How to find electronic component data 50x faster?

Find electronic component data 50x faster using SnapChip

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  1. SnapChip acts like a supercharged assistant for finding electronic components, way quicker than traditional searches.
  2. It uses top databases like OctoPart and Silicon Expert, so you get reliable and comprehensive info fast.
  3. By integrating with OpenAI, SnapChip can sift through tons of data in seconds, saving you loads of time.
  4. It helps you not just find the best components but also spot the best prices faster than ever.
  5. SnapChip quickly identifies alternative components, making it a breeze to adapt to supply chain changes.

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Copilot for electronic component sourcing

SnapChip is a Copilot for electronic component sourcing. Think ChatGPT for electronic components. SnapChip is powered by OctoPart, Silicon Expert, and OpenAI and has been designed as a useful tool for component sourcing (buyers and purchasing agents). Versus traditional methods, it is 50x faster at finding component data, 10x faster at finding best prices, and 100x faster at finding alternate components.

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