How to present personalized win-back offers to churned users?

Present personalized win-back offers to churned users using Resubscribe

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What to expect from an ideal product

  1. Resubscribe uses AI to chat with churned users and find out why they left.
  2. It focuses on real conversations rather than impersonal surveys to get honest feedback.
  3. The insights gathered help us to create personalized win-back offers.
  4. Based on this feedback, users are presented with tailored offers that address their specific concerns.
  5. You can try out Resubscribe’s demo to see how easily it can help reduce customer churn.

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AI user interview tool

Resubscribe is aimed at SaaS and app founders struggling with customer churn. We've developed an AI-powered tool that conducts interviews with users who have decided to leave your service. Unlike traditional surveys, our approach encourages open conversation, enabling us to uncover the real reasons behind churn. We then present these users with a win-back offer, tailored based on their feedback. Try out our demo!


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