How to overcome struggles and challenges in the indie hacking journey?

Overcome struggles and challenges in the indie hacking journey using Code & Conquer

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Code & Conquer

What to expect from an ideal product

  1. Through in-depth interviews, discover practical solutions to common indie hacking struggles.
  2. Learn from real experiences shared by successful bootstrappers and indie hackers.
  3. Gain insights on overcoming obstacles directly from those who have navigated them.
  4. Get motivated by stories of perseverance and strategies that actually worked.
  5. Tune in biweekly to stay updated with new tips and inspiration to keep you going.

Top product for this task

Code &

The Indie Hacker Podcast

At Code & Conquer we dive deep into the journey of becoming a successful indie hacker. Our host Tobias interviews indie hackers, bootstrappers and interesting people to find out: What makes them successful? Where did they struggle? How did they overcome the bad parts? Episodes come out biweekly everywhere you listen to podcasts.



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