How to monitor your computer's uptime and network activity?

Monitor your computer's uptime and network activity using WhatPulse

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What to expect from an ideal product

  1. Tracks your computer's uptime to help you understand its operational status.
  2. Monitors keyboard and mouse usage to provide insights into your activity patterns.
  3. Measures upload and download activity for a clear view of your network usage.
  4. Sends data to a website for easy access and analysis of your computing habits.
  5. Helps you make informed decisions about your productivity and computer use.

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Analyze your productivity and activity using WhatPulse.

Wouldn't it be fascinating to understand how you truly interact with your computer? With WhatPulse, a small but powerful application, you can gain a deep understanding of your productivity and computing habits by tracking various metrics. WhatPulse measures your keyboard and mouse usage, uptime, as well as upload and download activity. By sending these statistics to our website, you unlock a world of possibilities to analyze your computing life and make data-driven decisions.






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