How to get an AI-powered summary of pull request changes?

Get an AI-powered summary of pull request changes using Devoro

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  1. devoro automatically generates a clear summary of pull request changes, so you don't have to sift through lines of code.
  2. With devoro, you get instant notifications on Slack when a PR summary is ready, streamlining your review process.
  3. It creates dedicated Slack channels for each PR, ensuring your team has a central place to discuss the AI-generated summary.
  4. devoro keeps updates and notifications in real-time, making sure you're always informed about the latest changes.
  5. Say goodbye to guesswork; devoro's AI summaries provide an executive overview of every change, so you know exactly what's happening.

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Merge code fast. Keep devs happy.

devoro removes the rust from your code review workflow - making your team merge code faster than ever. 🙅‍♂️ Tired of chasing reviewers? devoro opens a synced Slack channel for each PR, centralizing all code review communication. 🔔 Get notified immediately whenever your PR requires any action, keeping your code mergeable at all times. 🔎 No more guessing! Get an AI-powered executive summary for every PR. Always stay on top of the latest changes.


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