How to enable WhatsApp assistants to send and analyze images?

Enable WhatsApp assistants to send and analyze images using ConversaLink

This task can be performed by using


What to expect from an ideal product

  1. Enables WhatsApp assistants to send images to customers directly within the chat.
  2. Utilizes advanced vision capabilities to analyze images sent by customers for quick insights.
  3. Allows custom assistants to operate without the need for personal phone numbers, enhancing privacy.
  4. Integrates seamlessly with WhatsApp for smooth image and audio communication with clients.
  5. Provides a complete customer service solution, offering not just image analysis but also audio processing and internet search capabilities.

Top product for this task


Solve customer service problems with AI custom assistants on WhatsApp

A service for solving customer service problems with a solution focused on WhatsApp that enables the creation of custom assistants. These custom assistants can: - Send images. - Listen audios. - Send audios. - Analize images through vision capabilities. - Search on Internet. You don't need to put your phone number for the chatbot. All on WhatsApp, for your business.


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