How to effectively price and negotiate like a professional in your agency business?

Effectively price and negotiate like a professional in your agency business using 500k-agency

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What to expect from an ideal product

  1. Learn to handle initial deals smoothly and confidently.
  2. Master techniques to convert rejections into lucrative agreements.
  3. Discover community-driven strategies for business growth.
  4. Gain insights on professional pricing and smart negotiation tactics.
  5. Unlock the secrets of securing upfront payments to ensure steady cash flow.

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Practical guide to building $500K/Year Solo Agency

10+ chapters of hands on and practical advices to launching your 6 figure agency business. Cheapter include: 🚀 Your first few deals 🛬 Turning "no" into a $400k client 🏘️ Power of Community 🛰️ Price and negotiate like a pro 💼 Defining "work" ⛩️ Zen and the Art of Unicycle Maintenance 💰 Asking for upfront payment 🌆 Expanding horizons 📦 Guide to Productization and more!



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