How to aggregate multiple content feeds into one view?

Aggregate multiple content feeds into one view using Feedboard

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  1. Add multiple feeds from platforms like Reddit, ProductHunt, HackerNews, Substack, YouTube, and Unsplash.
  2. Display these feeds in columns for an organized bird's-eye view of all your content.
  3. Enjoy a weekly personalized digest that recaps all your feeds and sends it straight to your inbox.
  4. For those not registered, receive a standard recap of the most popular feeds.
  5. Easily manage and track all your favorite sources in one convenient place.

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Your favourite feeds in one list

Feedboard is a Tweet deck style feed aggregator. You can add multiple feeds and display them in columns to have a birdseye view over all your stuff. Feedboard currently supports Reddit, ProductHunt, HackerNews, Substack, YouTube, Unsplash and more to come! Feedboard also has a weekly digest that sends you a personalized recap of all your feeds, straight to your inbox! Not registered? No problem, we can send you a standard recap of our most popular feeds!

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