How to access 2FA from anywhere without using phones?

Access 2FA from anywhere without using phones using Daito

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What to expect from an ideal product

  1. Daito lets you share 2FA codes with your team securely, no phones needed.
  2. You can access your 2FA codes from any device with internet access.
  3. No more being tied to a single device; manage 2FA from your laptop, tablet, or desktop.
  4. Daito’s user-friendly interface makes sharing and using 2FA codes a breeze.
  5. Enjoy hassle-free 2FA management for remote teams, anywhere, anytime.

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Shared 2FA Authenticator

Secure and easy way to share 2FA with your team. Daito's web-based 2FA authenticator lets you securely share 2FA across teams. Access anywhere without phones.

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